The path to wellness is the path to harmony. Wellness and harmony not only coexist—they thrive together. The truth is undeniable: They are one in the same.  Kaiya was created to be more than just a different place to visit; it was created to be a different way to live. A healthier way to live. A more mindful way to live. A more nutritious way to live. A more vibrant way to live. Kaiya is more than a way of vacationing. It is a way of life. An intentional way of life. We believe that everything we do affects how we think and how we feel. We believe wellness is a complete integration of mind, body, and spirit. We feel it’s not about a higher standard of life but a higher standard of living: restoration, rejuvenation, renewal.

The Kaiya wellness program has been born from the sea. AKŪVA. Originating  from the ancient word for “the sea,” AKŪVA embodies the spirit of the sea: beauty, renewal, rejuvenation, transformation. Scheduled to open in 2022, AKŪVA is a place, but more importantly,  it is a carefully curated wellness immersion program. AKŪVA focuses on the mind, body, and spirit.

This is a holistic approach that embraces yoga, meditation, steams and saunas,  and exercise as well as innovative aquatic-inspired treatments that nourish the body and mind. AKŪVA is an invitation into the rhythm of rest and renewal.


Thisday is an all-day market cafe that embraces every moment of the day. Whether it’s a fresh brewed cup of coffee and a pastry at the beginning of the day, a fresh squeezed juice or smoothie after a morning jog, an organic salad and a rose at lunch, or the choice of an organic wine from an extensive selection to go with a piece of fish in the evening, Thisday is the celebration of healthy, nutritious, and vibrant life-giving cuisine.

Scheduled to open in 2021, Thisday is a celebration of the joy of gathering together to connect and grow and live life to its fullest.