Kaiya is a place of harmony. It is a place where many carefully curated, life-giving parts work in unison to create a life-enhancing and hopefully life-changing whole: beauty, balance, wellness, wonderment, healing, restoration, romance, vibrance, excellence. Kaiya is an ever-growing, ever-blooming, ever-living experience. It is a place to fall madly in love with the amazement of the morning. A place to stroll wistfully through the rest and laziness of the afternoon. A place to embrace delicately the spirit of the evening. A place to kiss passionately the beauty and stillness of the night.

There is a rhythm to the Kaiya experience. It is a rhythm that captivates and invigorates. It is a rhythm that stills the soul while igniting the soul. It is a rhythm that awakens the spirit and soothes the spirit. It is a rhythm that captures the senses and a rhythm that sets the senses free.

The Kaiya Beach Club

Gently nestled among the lush vegetation of towering sand cliffs and quietly overlooking the soul-enriching energy of emerald waters, the Kaiya Beach Club rises. Scheduled for completion in 2022, the Kaiya Beach Club is an embodiment of the best of the Kaiya spirit: beauty, restraint, intimacy, wellness, romance, fellowship, nourishment, care. The Kaiya Beach Club is a hidden gem granting each of our Kaiya Club members private access to one of the most sought-after beaches in the world. It is here where Kaiya Club members can embrace an experience that is both intimate and vibrant. Here is an experience that immerses one into an embodiment of being cared for while at the same time having the freedom to be on their own.

The members only infinity pool overlooks the gulf waters, creating an almost elevated experience with the water and gulf breezes. Cool waters, cocktails, healthy juices, and cuisine are at one’s beck and call to be enjoyed poolside or on one of the terraces. Walks on the beach and sunbathing along the shore are just steps below where beach chairs and umbrellas await.

The Kaiya Beach House is a place to watch the sunrise while doing yoga on the rooftop. It’s a place to spend the mornings and afternoons swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing with family and friends. It’s a place to embrace the sunsets with the finest organic wines. It’s a place to welcome the majesty of the night sky.

AKŪVA Wellness

Since the beginning of mankind, the spirit of the sea has lived within the soul of all of us. The sea is as near as we can get to another world. It stirs our heart and enlivens our senses. It inspires our imagination and heals our body. The sea calms us. It nourishes us. It energizes us. This is the power of the sea. It brings eternal joy to our soul. And so the voice of the sea calls us at Kaiya. It speaks softly to us, and a mere touch is a sensuous moment that captures our body in a soft embrace of renewal. This is the miracle of the sea. It leaves us no other choice but to remain in the moment. The beauty, the serenity, the healing, and the transformation from the sea come merely from being in it or beside it. The sea simply asks us to connect.

The Kaiya wellness program has been born from the sea. AKŪVA. Originating from the ancient word for “the sea,” AKŪVA embodies the spirit of the sea: beauty, renewal, rejuvenation, transformation. Scheduled to open in 2021, AKŪVA is a place, but more importantly, it is a carefully curated wellness immersion program. AKŪVA focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. This is a holistic approach that embraces yoga, meditation, steams and saunas, and exercise as well as innovative aquatic-inspired treatments that nourish the body and mind. AKŪVA is an invitation into the rhythm of rest and renewal.

Kaiya House Inn

Soon, at the center of Kaiya Beach Resort, the Kaiya House Inn will rise. A bespoke and intimate boutique hotel, the Kaiya House Inn will be a world-class experience offering guests and Kaiya Club members the highest standard of resort hospitality service. High design will connect to high touch. The Kaiya House Inn will offer luxurious accommodations, and highly personalized service with the ease of all amenities close at hand. With restaurants providing farm-to-table food to poolside cocktails or nutritious juices and smoothies, the Kaiya House Inn is a living room for the community. The Kaiya House Inn is a place to mingle with friends on the spacious terrace or to escape to your own private respite.


The most important part of the day doesn’t live on your calendar; it lives in your heart. It’s not yesterday. It’s not tomorrow. It’s not really Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. It’s this day. It’s right now. All other days are gone or, if we are fortunate, yet to come. But what we have now, the gift we have been given now, is this day. The lilies of the field know it. The birds of the air know it. This day is the day that matters. So, celebrate it, embrace it, cherish it, and absorb it. But above all, truly, truly live it. This day. Fill it with love and kindness, adventure and wonderment, laughter and song, forgiveness and thankfulness. Make this day radiant and vibrant. This day is not so much a moment in time as it is a state of mind. This day will be the most important day. Make it life giving, life embracing, life changing. This day. Drink it in. Taste its beauty. Cherish it, love it, but above all…savor it.

The year 2021 will see a new highlight on the Kaiya landscape—Thisday Market Cafe. Thisday is an all-day market cafe that embraces every moment of the day. Whether it’s a fresh brewed cup of coffee and a pastry at the beginning of the day, a fresh squeezed juice or smoothie after a morning jog, an organic salad and a rose at lunch, or the choice of an organic wine from an extensive selections to go with a piece of fish in the evening, Thisday is the celebration of healthy, nutritious, and vibrant life-giving cuisine. Thisday is also a celebration of the joy of gathering together to connect and grow and live life to its fullest.