The Kaiya Club

Perhaps the greatest reward we can have is to serve others. At Kaiya, that is our purpose. It is the essence of our commitment to create life-giving experiences for all who are part of the Kaiya journey, and it is the core of our approach to all that we do. It is our mission to provide the highest level of hospitality. Our hearts are alive when we do this. We believe hospitality is a gateway to harmony. Bringing harmony to the lives of others brings harmony to us. Creating life-giving experiences for others brings life-giving moments to us. Kaiya hospitality is quite simply opening ourselves and welcoming others into our love and care. It is truly wrapping our souls around the souls who join us. It is connecting people to what we hope will be a life-changing way of life.

The Kaiya Beach Club

The Kaiya Club was created for those individuals who desire an even deeper level of personalized service. While we believe that Kaiya hospitality is universal to all owners and guests, the Kaiya Club membership provides a carefully curated and reserved experience. Our belief at Kaiya is based on the idea that in order to better meet needs, we must first better understand needs. We understand the need for privacy. We understand the need for highly personalized housekeeping and pool services. We understand the need for carefully orchestrated pantry services. We understand the need for uncomplicated payment procedures. We understand the need for high-touch beach and pool service. We understand the need for a comprehensive one-on-one wellness program. We understand the need for a seamless experience that is the full embodiment of life-enhancing harmony. We understand these needs, and thus the Kaiya Club was born.

Kaiya Club members are those Kaiya homeowners who desire to embrace all that Kaiya was created to be: privacy, stillness, wellness, intimacy, harmony. Kaiya Club members will be able to embrace a members-only experience at the Kaiya Beach House. Overlooking the emerald waters of the gulf, the Kaiya Beach House is the epitome of beauty, grace, and restraint. Nestled within the lush natural landscape, the experience is one of seamless personal service by the pool or on the beach below.

 In addition, Kaiya Club members will be able to embrace the benefits of special wellness and beauty treatments at AKŪVA, Kaiya’s exclusive wellness program. Kaiya Club members also have at their call a concierge service specifically designated for Kaiya Club members. Whether it is preparing arrangements before arrival or taking care of needs while you are here, the Kaiya Club concierge is here to bring harmony to your life.